8th Grade Homework 12-8-14

Religion:  There will be a test over the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit next Tuesday.  St. Mary students are to turn in their letter to Father Eilerman Dec. 19.  Please check the parish website (sacramental link) for details.

Language Arts:  Science research paper is due Dec. 12.  Extensive handouts/guidelines given and should be in the research section of binder.  I am also available to answer any questions.  Simple Solutions lessons 45 and 46 for Monday, lesson 47 for Tuesday, and lesson 48 for Wednesday.  The quiz is Friday.  Quarter 2 poems are due Jan. 9.  A rubric was given and guidelines should be in data section of binder.

Social Studies:  We are working on 2 small projects in class related to the Revolutionary War.

The House of St. Therese is sponsoring a toy drive and the deadline is this Thursday.  Thanks for your generous spirits this Christmas season.

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