8th Grade Homework 12-1-14

Religion:  Students who have not yet completed and turned in Confirmation chapter 2 reflections should turn them in by this Friday.  St. Mary students to be confirmed should have turned in the Confirmation form as it was due today.  Their letter to Father Eilerman is due Dec. 19.  Please see guidelines on the sacramental life link on the parish website.

Social Studies:  Students will be completing an in-class scavenger hunt assessment for the Declaration of Independence.

Language Arts: Lessons 41 and 42 in Simple Solutions are due Tuesday; lesson 43 is due Wednesday; lesson 44 is due Thursday.   The quiz is Friday.  There will be words assigned for “Paul Revere’s Ride” that will be due Friday.  Students are to write a nightly writer’s notebook entry.  The science research paper is due Dec. 12.  If any student needs help on any part, they just need to talk to me about it before Dec. 11.


The House of St. Therese is sponsoring a toy drive.  Please check the school website for details.  Thank you for your generous donations.


Students will have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation Wednesday.  Benediction is Thursday.

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