8th Grade Homework 11-24-14

Religion:  Students are presenting their selected saints this week.  They know what day they are presenting and they were given a rubric.  Saint Mary student Confirmation forms are due Dec. 1 and the letter to Fr. Eilerman is due Dec. 19.  Please check the parish website for details.

Social Studies:  There is a quiz Tuesday over Chapter 5, lessons 3 and 4 notes.  Notes were reviewed and short essays given to students to prepare for the quiz.  There is a Mr. Dye reflection due Wednesday.

Language Arts:  No Simple Solutions this week:)  Students should be working on their draft for their science research paper.  The paper is due Dec. 12.

The form to attend visit day at Fisher Catholic is due Tuesday.

The House of St. Therese is sponsoring a toy drive Nov. 24-Dec. 11.  Thank you for your generosity.


We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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