8th Grade Homework 11-10-14

Parents who were not able to attend conferences:  STAR reading test results are being sent home today, Wednesday, Nov. 12.  Please ask your child.


Religion:  Oral Saint presentations begin Nov. 24.  Guidelines and rubric were discussed in class.  There is a quiz Thursday over chapter 1 in our Confirmation unit.  A Baptism card is due Tuesday.

St. Mary students who are to be confirmed:  The Confirmation form is due Dec. 1.  It can be downloaded from the parish website.  The letter to Father Eilerman is due Dec. 19.  Guidelines for the letter can be found in the Confirmation booklet.  We will not be working on this in class.

Social Studies:  There is a quiz Wednesday over chapter 5,lessons 1 and 2.  Other work may be assigned during the week.  Please check agenda.

Language Arts:  The majority of notes for science research paper should be finished by this Wednesday.  We will then complete an outline, followed by a thesis statement.  Then students will begin their draft.  The draft will be completed outside of school.  We are looking toward a final completion date of Dec. 12.  I am always available to provide assistance during any part of the paper.

Room 304 has a unit 5 vocabulary test this Friday and Room 302 has the test next Monday.  Nightly practice exercises will be assigned.  A pre-writing organizer was given in class to help with the writing prompt.  Simple Solutions lessons 33 and 34 are due Tuesday, lesson 35 is due Wednesday, and lesson 36 is due Thursday.  The quiz is Friday.

Students are to write a nightly writer’s notebook entry.

Our preschool is sponsoring a food drive through Nov. 17.  Thank you for your generosity in working for the common good.

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