8th Grade Homework 10-27-14

Religion:  There is a chapter 5 test tomorrow (Tuesday).  The Get Connected for the chapter is due then.  We will attend Benediction Thursday.  We will also give guidelines for a saint oral presentation that will be due in November.

Social Studies:  There is a chapter 4, lessons 2 and 3 quiz Wednesday.  We have reviewed notes and the short essay topic was given in class.

Language Arts:  Students are to write a nightly writer’s notebook entry.  Simple Solutions lessons 25 and 26 are due tomorrow, 27 will be due Wednesday, and 28 will be due Thursday.  The quiz is Friday.  We started Unit 4 in vocabulary.  Room 304’s test is this Friday and 302 is Monday.  Nightly practice exercises will be assigned this week.  Students also should prepare pre-writing for a topic of their choice.

Students should be working on taking notes for their science research paper.  We will spend about 2 weeks in class on this and then will move on to writing an outline.

A form was sent home today concerning scheduling a conference if you would like one.  The form is due this Friday.


Also, poinsettia and wreath forms were given to students today.  This sale helps fund tuition assistance.  Thank you for any support you can provide to this sale.

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