8th Grade Homework 1-5-15

Welcome Back!  We look forward to a productive start in 2015!

Any missing assignments are due by this Friday, Jan. 9.  Quarter 2 ends next Friday, Jan. 16.

Religion:  We are beginning a chapter on the Rite of Confirmation.

Language Arts:  We began Unit 6 in vocabulary.  Room 304 will be tested this Friday and Room 302 will be tested on Monday.  Nightly exercises will be assigned for practice.  A pre-writing sheet was given and should be completed before the test.  It will be turned in with the test.

Simple Solutions lessons 53 &54 are to be completed Monday night, lesson 55 Tuesday night, and lesson 56 Wednesday night.  The quiz is Friday.

***In the event of a snow day Tuesday (not saying we will have one, but weather forecast is calling for snow), students are to move ahead in vocabulary and simple solution exercises.

Quarter 2 poems due Jan. 9.  Nightly writer’s notebook entry.

There may be Junior Scholastic graded homework this week as well.

Social Studies:  We will begin guided notes for Chapter 7, lesson 1 today in class.  It is to be completed at home if needed (can use online textbook).  I am planning for the quiz over this lesson to be Monday, Jan. 12.  We will also begin Lesson 2 with guided notes, which might also need to be completed at home.

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