8th Grade Homework 1-19-15

Religion:  We will begin chapter 6 in the Religion book.  Get Connected will be due at the end of the chapter.

Language Arts:  Students are to write nightly writer’s notebook entries.  Simple Solutions lesson 61 will be assigned Tuesday, lessons 62 and 63 Wednesday, and 64 Thursday.  The quiz will be Friday.  There will be a Junior Scholastic skills page assigned Tuesday and it will be due Wednesday.

Social Studies:  There is a quiz Thursday over chapter 7, lesson 2.  A study sheet will be given Tuesday.

Report cards will be posted Thursday.

The House of St. Peter is responsible for Sandwich Saturday this Saturday, Jan. 24.  Any student may donate white bread, individually wrapped slices of American cheese, bologna, or zip lock baggies. Donations are due Friday morning.   Any student may also volunteer to make the sandwiches this Saturday at 8:00 in the Spirit Center.

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