8th Grade Homework 1-12-15

Religion:  There is a Confirmation test this Thursday over the Rite of Confirmation.  Students were given a study guide.  Also, students to be confirmed in St. Mary Parish have a required Confirmation meeting this Sunday, Jan. 18 at 10:00 in the Spirit Center.  Please contact Mr. McCauley if you can’t attend.

Language Arts:  Simple Solutions lessons 57 & 58 for Monday night, 59 for Tuesday night, and 60 for Wednesday night.  The quiz  will be Friday.  Students also are to write a nightly writer’s notebook entry.

Social Studies:  Some students opted to take a quiz over Cp. 7, lesson 1 today.  If not taken today, the quiz is Tuesday.  A study guide was given.  They may also need to finish guided reading from the next lesson as we get to those lessons in class this week.

We wish all of our 8th graders good luck in the Science Fair this Wednesday!  They have worked hard on their project and paper and will be successful when speaking to the judges.

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