2016-17 Sacramental Preparation Information for St. Mary of the Assumption Parish Families

The week of Sunday, 10 July, a postal mailing went out to active St. Mary School, St. Mary PSR, and St. Mary Homeschool parish families who have children who could begin preparing to celebrate the sacraments of Penance and holy Communion or Confirmation this coming year. The mailing contained general information and the calendar of sacramental preparation for parents who intend to begin preparing their children for sacraments this year.

If you are an active St. Mary of the Assumption Parish family and did not receive this mailing, perhaps because you’re new to the parish or haven’t been active in religious education recently, please contact Brian McCauley at the parish as soon as possible to determine a religious education and sacramental preparation plan for your particular situation. Please contact us also if you’ve a child who is “out-of-sequence” in the sacramental life of the Church so we can together determine a timely and prudent plan.